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The new Citizen at4010-50e embraces the effortless and stunning style that you can only get from Eco-Drive Citizen watches.

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Just imagine that you can have a watch that doesn’t need a self winding mechanism or battery.

This Citizen at4010-50e is a watch that can be used in day to day or whatever occasion there is.

This Eco-Driven Citizen watch is stylish and looks expensive yet you can only purchase it at an affordable cost. This Citizen at4010-50e enclosed features that watch collectors will definitely adore the time the package arrives. If you are looking for a new watch, this product is the one to own.

The features of Citizen at4010-50e include atomic timekeeping and a perpetual calendar. This product is the latest addition to fine line of Citizen Watches that is considered one of the exact watches in the market. This Citizen at4010-50e is a watch with indicator for power reserve.

The day and date indicators are controlled by radio plus it has an alarm too. The latest Citizen at4010-50e is an innovative watch that you can depend on in telling the accurate time of the day. This Citizen at4010-50e can be considered one of the sought after watches because of these characteristics.

The Sapphire glass of the product is a scratch free covering that avoids rigorous damage to the watch. Based on the reviews, this Citizen at4010-50e is a product that is made from stainless steel casing and strap. You can purchase it at reasonable price at a trusted online shop or retail store.

This product is definitely a must have because you can own a finely crafted and expensive looking watch at an economical cost. The Citizen at4010-50e is a product that passed the test and evaluations of the company. Citizen is a company that has built a name for trusted craftsmanship.

When you are looking for a watch as a gift for your brother, husband or father, then new Citizen at4010-50e is the one to look for. This watch has the best casing and the anti-tarnishing strap. This is definitely one of the ideal watches to wear from casual to formal occasions.

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Citizen at4010-50e Product Features:

  • This Citizen at4010-50e is an atomic timekeeping watch.
  • It is considered the most precise watch that you can find in the market.
  • The Citizen at4010-50e has Titanium casing and bracelet plus the case is 42mm.
  • The sapphire glass is not reflective.
  • It has single second chronograph that measures 60 minutes, a perpetual calendar, a radio controlled time zones, an alarm, as well as 12/24 hour time and it has indicator for power reserve.
  • This Citizen at4010-50e is water resistant for up to 200 meters.


Citizen at4010-50e Pros and Cons:


  • This watch is ideal as a present for men who wished to have stylish features.
  • This Citizen at4010-50e is a water resistant watch and can be used under water for 200 meters.
  • The new Citizen watch has stainless steel bracelet and casing.
  • The Sapphire crystal is scratch free.
  • This is an affordable watch that enclosed style and comfort in one product.
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  • There are customers who complain about the extra adjustment of the strap.


What customers have to say about Citizen at4010-50e?

Based on the experience of davidsmeaton, this is great watch to own. It has the best features that men will truly love. This Citizen at4010-50e has easy instruction and the adjustment of time is simple to operate.

According to EveryWord, this Citizen at4010-50e is a pleasing watch because it is stainless and has scratch free crystal. This is hybrid watch that looks elegant and expensive however it is available at an affordable cost. The new Citizen at4010-50e is a highly recommended Citizen Wrist watch. 

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